At New Covenant Church of Atlanta (NCCA), you are valued. We will accept you as you are and we won’t judge you. If your goal is to become closer to God, then we’re the right place for you. 

Do you want your children to have a strong, spiritual foundation? Our “Covenant Kids” is ready to equip them.  If you’re looking for comfort in times of trouble or sorrow, we have plenty of resources readily available for you.  

If you haven’t found a church or a house of worship you like, learn how to become a member of NCCA today. We’re not here to take your money. We won’t try and trick you. This isn’t conversion therapy. We know your relationship with God is important to you – your spiritual growth family/community, stewardship, and giving back are important to you, and you’re important to us too. 

Becoming a member is easy – whether you become a campus member or an online member. Please pray about joining us today.

Membership Classes

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Why is Membership Important?

Membership in a local church is vital. Knowing this will truly help the believer in Jesus. It’s not complicated.


  1. Is a way to receive fellowship with other like-minded believers.
  2. Is a way to grow in your spirit because of the “spiritual dynamic” of connection.
  3. Is a way for God to give you direction in life.
  4. Is a way for God to add all kinds of blessings (natural and spiritual) to your life.

Please pray and consider becoming a part of NCCA – you’ll be glad you did.

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